thrown out of the jeep blindfolded
landing on my arm, already sore
from the grip of the guards
I lay motionless and then
thought I heard their brutish laughter
in the distance – so I rose to my feet
and with my hands still tied together
I raised the blindfold.
Nothing. Three-hundred-and-
sixty degrees of it, or so it seemed,
straight to the horizon. Nothing
but sand and sky.
I fell on my knees – not to
pray, no I don’t think I thought
to pray…I just needed to cry
part exhaustion I guess
and just as I’d resigned
myself to the fact that I
was going to die anyway
I saw them, what seemed to be
cups in the sand – oh, no bigger
than oranges – and then I saw
they were almost in a line…
exactly heel prints but
why quibble…I followed them
and although I hadn’t seen anything
but level desert…it now seemed
to rise…and soon I was over
a dune…and coming towards
me a woman who was so
tightly wrapped in cloth it was as
if she were ready for burial
And she was carrying
a woven tray and I strained my
eyes to see what was on it
ah…DATES…and then she
held one out to me and
I knew that I was safe.




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