The Big Snail [and all his chums]
have chomped their way
through the blue cabbage leaves,
machete teeth marking the stems;
a disturbingly glittery slime’s
all that’s left – a showy Hollywood
touch in utter rurality – they must
have known the scaffold shade
would hide their savage celebrations,
and the workmen’s pounding
their raucous belch.

oh, I know snails don’t belch
but I like to think of them
having a whale of a time,
and while I was away
the rasperries too came and went –
chickadee and friends, I suspect.

do birds carry red fruit seeds
in their bellies ? Is that it ?
If so, these rasperberries
know the pace to ripen – time
is theirs although, in name at least
the place is mine
and now, leafy as tree tops,
they’ll need a scaffold of their own
to keep from toppling.




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