I read the “poetry” sites…and I bitch!

Like ants or termites
the self-annointed
seem to find safety
in numbers…

I am glutted, I confess,
weak as a calf and worn at the cuff
by the byzantinely abstreuse
passed off by the [congenitally?]obtuse
as value-added … when such absurdly
glorified wares are value denied –
language hacked, ransacked
refried and freeze-dried. Listen:
any effin’ hinny can free-associate –
but few are the donkeys given
to hailing a fellow jackass poet.

And while I’m at it – bards of the past
were not known to suffer monthly
from writer’s block like teenage girls
with pre-menstrual syndrome.
Poets either have something to say or they don’t.
And they are not inclined to stick feathers in a vein
to draw dubious ink. Oh, and should I perchance
write about a semi- in the slick night rain
please do not assume
I am or once was
a trucker.





One Reply to “I read the “poetry” sites…and I bitch!”

  1. About 1 in a few thousand can be considered a genuine poet (or one with real talent). What concerns me is that in most cases “poets” don’t have the discerning judgement to separate the wheat from the chaff (and no, only amateurs think it’s merely subjective). That is, they praise each other’s work irrespective of quality either because they don’t have the aforementioned judgement or because they don’t care one way or the other. Often it’s not about the poetry or how it can be improved. It’s about therapy, getting others’ attention and validation, making a “reputation” without due consideration to merit and craft. It’s about narcissism, solipsism, not art. That pisses me off because it perpetuates the cycle of mediocrity and marginalizes, even trivializes, the art form more and more. And would-be writers, should they have some discerning judgement, are wary of speaking their minds for fear that they may offend some and jeopardize their own chances of making a name. If they’re honest and offer constructive criticism, they may hurt their chances of being supported and promoted. And currently there are few or no serious objective critics to isolate the pearls from the oceanic garbage of the internet. That makes it all the more difficult for real poets to get what they deserve.


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