For My 100 followers

This morning, on my soggy channel perch, I am reminded
of William F [never believed it stood for Francis]
Buckley running for Mayor of New York.
When asked what he would do first if elected, the
crippling wit’s retort was Demand a recount.

Well I’m not demanding any recounts! I’m tickled!
My greatest pride thus far is that no one has left!
But that also surprises me a little, even prompts
me to think I must be slipping…

Jeeez, I must be doing something wrong…
I used to irritate the pants off people.

and since I have your attention (she said coyly)
some of you might enjoy these as well…

…there is some overlap among these, but
each site has a real identity nonetheless.
At least I hope so.

Don’t know what else to say
so I’ll just wish you all a good day!

PS. Especially for my fellow compulsive scribblers,
always remember what Cyril Connolly said:
Better to write for yourself and have no public,
than to write for the public and have no self.



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