dearest anna,

Let me answer by saying, you
are right, I am old now, but yes,
I do still write sometimes –
never at any given time
mostly when I wake up in the night –
they seem to want to come –
those things I’ve left unsaid –
that I now, most vainly, think
are lessons in my head.

I do so wish there were more parks
and trees for birds to hide in –
for people to forget themselves
for awhile so they might have
the pleasure of making their own
acquaintance later in the day
when cities still and fade away
to a sort of preternatural hum.

There is no country silence anymore
no unclaimed paths to share with
chipmonks and wild flowers – even
the stars have trouble reaching us!
After light years of travel –
to be abandoned at airports
it is sad, don’t you agree?
I wish I could say more, but the
always hungry cat is telling me
it is again dinner time, and
another yes, I would love
to come one day for tea.

[Anna Akhmatova]





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