Kantian…up to a point

Priests and philosophers seem to agree:
[The former will tell you that lying’s a sin.]
For the most part they’re right but [between you and me]
I think I can show you: such wisdom is thin.
Say soldiers come by shouting where is the yid?!
Old Emmanuel Kant’d be past thinking twice –
He’d tell them straight out where the poor jew had hid
…and all I can say is, his heart’s made of ice.
I can’t stand a law that can’t stand an exemption.
[Me? Follow a dogma? Hey, don’t hold your breath!]
Yes, Truth is a good thing…but LOVE is redemption
although some have a mindset rigid as death –                                    
     such types I avoid for they strike me as pettish.
     Let’s favour the truth – but not make it a fetish!



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