Where art thou, Jacob?

Is it the rumpled sky so overcast
  above a jittery field of grasses ?
                   Is it all those holding fast  –
         against the law that says Time Passes ?
                Is it, leaning against a cloud,  a ladder  ?
       Or             is it the fact that they’re children
                Inacting the scene  —  or does that matter ?

             The last piece is soon to be placed
                   in    a    great     cosmic    jigsaw.
         Hold tight to the rope  –  manoeuvre
                     as best you can, lad
                                     and hope for the best.  

                 Strangest image I think I ever saw –
       and what are we to think  –  this is fun ?
                       Has some new and purer world begun ?
        Or                  what if the ladder fell
                 and all their dreams      were dashed –
                     and all the pieces blown again to hell.





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