My Kitchen Window

My grandmother had a plate
on a ledge in her dining room
that said East and West Home is Best
and all things considered, I’d have to agree.

In my home I like best the big chair –
what I jokingly call the guest chair –
because it is the only one with arms.

but my favorite place in my tiny flat
must be there where I can look out
on the neighbour’s garden.

It’s a long window over the sink
and sometimes I am so taken with the view
that absentmindedly I go on wiping my plates
to within an inch of their glaze.

Within easy gaze are a magnolia, two birches, a red elm
and one sadly decapitated oak.
In early spring I thrill to see the first daffoldils
and then the tulips and after that the lilac bush
and finally all the butterflies are back
and all the roses have come out.

It is here, by the sink, that I stand and sip my tea
nibbling at toast – making it last
because there’s just so much
for me to see and wonder at.



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