The solstice is almost upon us…

Let us go then, you and I
when the evening is…

thumbtacked and
onto saw-toothed
structures that
claw a heavy-sooted sky –
in a trusted rent-a-car
let us fly
past giant wiremen
who carry wires
that blaspheme
the verdant hills
and valleys
scratching staves
to and from
heavily populated hells…

and let us find us
that old stone inn
[the one with
a view of three lakes]
white-shuttered inn
how my heart truly aches
for the inn that serves
a decent buffet breakfast
then lets us sleep
again..’til noon!

ô picturesque inn
with a hostess
who can sketch a smile
without a grin
whose true vocation
is hospitality
who doesn’t
give a hoot
for urban formality
and who lets us
bring the dog
without charging
an arm and a leg –
I beg you: let us go
NOW – before
my soul rolls up
and I turn into an egg.




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