ode to the digital clock…

that brought with it
into this mindless unfeeling age
a slice of history
and an address book.

When two hands were tangent
around 3 before, it never
meant more to me than that!
Never did it call to mind
that fine old brick house
built in a time when most
appartments of the poor
were better built than those
of the middle class today
[where did that middle class go,
by the way? haven’t seen it lately]
15:14 Emmerson Avenue – with your
bathroom as big as my current kitchen
and your kitchen the size of
my livingroom, your foyer and hallways
and doors that secured some privacy…

And as for dates, alas Columbus will
never sail the ocean blue in 14:92
but Agincourt was in 14:15 and dear
Jan Hus paid for his folly
at the stake that year.

Eton college was founded in 14:4O
and Jan Van Eyck died a minute later.

In passing, I have also written extensively
about seven minutes past four…
and remain distressed that my clock
does not recognize the entire significance
of 16:64…(nor do any at Eton College, apparently)

so here’s to the funny red block numbers
and those charmed mirror events that occur
for instance, when it’s five minutes to eleven –
they’ve brought new meaning to clock-watching



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