Great Art Encourages Me

Whopping commission? Rothko refused!
Capitalist pig – you stand accused
of slimy poisoned lip-service
to values nowhere found beyond
the commercial – co-opted sound
while all around us. . .

and there is nothing new in this.

A high percentage of all Van Goghs
reflect a man’s concern for those
treacherously, horribly abused –
the squat, the bent, the bruised
used by a systeme we are told
will float all boats. The artist
is a madman who will do anything
he can to alert his fellow man –
will swim upstream like a salmon
if need be, JUST TO MAKE MEN SEE.

It is there in Vincent.
It is there in me.



The older I get, the darker the print of history seems.
The lies are EVERYWHERE.



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