Directional Memorandum

5. First you must find the shoes, the boots – papoutsias the shepherds call them –
so that the brambles will not rip your calves to ribbons – even through heavy socks.
4. Then you must practice – everyday – to walk a mile, then two, without water
for the way is too steep and the climb too tiring to afford to take more than a flask.
3. You must learn not to sleep too soundly – deeply, yes, but for short spells – so that you
may be your own guard against the night scorpions.
2. You must learn to love the dark for there are no street lamps beyond the end
of the bus line and a three mile to walk before reaching the foot of Eirene Hill
1. Climb to the plateau and rest there before the second and last phase of the ascent.

Depart at first light, listening for the holy bells that guide all who have come this far.



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