The Love Fragments

The rabbi took his book with him
out on the lake…a few loose pages
were later found floating on the water;
so far, this much has been deciphered:

frag.1 If both of you do not love,
then one of you is lying
the other is listening to lies
and both of you are dying
in that part of your being
which is innocent and aspires
to genuineness and generosity –
a world without liars

frag. 2 A love is not so much “found”
as discovered… like snow
that has quietly fallen during the
night and, at dawn, covers everything,
rekindling the remembered purity of all beauty.
It shelters and protects, like a warm blanket
frag. 3 That which sucks out
your guts in the name of love
is an illness, a mental disease…
that can physically destroy

frag; 4 Love – real love – keeps no accounts
awaits no return on investment
cannot be extracted, extorted
coerced, forced, bought, bartered
or even earned…
although it can be lost.

frag. 5a Love never carries adjectives comfortably
although it is “maternal” by its very nature

frag. 5b Romantic love…isn’t.
Romantic love…is just romance,
fantasy, fiction, illusion…delusion.

frag. 6a What most often goes by the name of
Love is closer to lust, vanity, libido,
sublimation, narcissism…this misnaming
is most harmful – because misleading –
for children to hear …
like seeing a symbol of peace
at the head of a conquering army…
or hearing that people have been
bombed In the name of brotherhood.

frag. 6b Deceptions are all so much the same
and History is the history of calculated deceptions.

frag. 7 Love at its most visceral and earthy
is dicotyledonous, dizygotic,
binomial – whatever name you chose, a question
of both – two-handed, a partnership – or

frag. 8 Unrequited love…is an oxymore.

frag. 9 You can call a strawberry a watermelon,
you won’t make it any bigger.

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