Regime change

Rather than restrict calories
the new diet called for a lessening
of syntactical cholesterol – via
day by day lowering of noun intake.

All the necessary omegas could
apparently be obtained in definite
and indefinite articles, so no problem
there – your teeth wouldn’t fall out
if you kept to a maximum of seven
ripe pronouns and used fewer and
fewer nouns (especially compound)
per day until a balanced regime
of adjective and adverb was struck

In my zeal I think I overdid it – I hate
to waste, but here I am stuck at the
end of week one with “tea,” “machete”
and “hedgehog,” no rye bread, and
and the only remaining adjective is
“recalcitrant” – which I found hidden
behind some olives in a very small jar.

Still, I must admit I feel better already




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