It was at a diplomatic dinner in DC, some years ago, that I made friends with a guy over geese. He was from…can’t recall which country. Could have been any one of several, as France left French behind  [like a ribbon-tied box of guest soaps] in a number of places in Africa. Anyway, this visiting African was not really at home speaking English, and somehow – don’t exactly remember – somebody mentioned geese. Must have been late September, I guess, and when he heard the word for the second time he turned to me – looking a bit desperate – and said Goose, geese? Wasn’t hard to figure, so I answered goose geese, yes.. Well, you would have thought it was string theory – or even base two. I was surprised, in fact, by the puzzled looks around that table. I mean, it wasn’t like we’d just disclosed
        some secret
                 about how it is
                      Canada greybacks
                  manage to hold
        that chevron pattern
from Calgary to Timbuktu!


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