Mort aux vaches!

 Those who would keep you in chains
   preach and threaten chaos will ensue
             should the concept of anarchy ever hold sway –
      which is how all power remains in the hands of only a few
           who wont eschew violence to keep it that way!

                  But anarchy just means an end to wage-slavery,
             to serfdom, rule by force, monarchy  “the state”
      and is, at heart, non-violent as the Sermon on the Mount.
             Not all revolutions are an exercise in  knavery –
          No true libertarian would want to determine the fate
     of another – or ever hold his life to account.
The anarchists of the commune of 1830 burned down the guillotine.
A censoring press corrupts many words – beginning with LIBERTINE!



[In passing, suicide bombing is properly called nihilism as it rejects
the value of one’s own life as well as that of one’s victims.]




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