Etude – a self-portrait

Personally I am ready
for the anti anti-hero –
the one not given
to pre-eminent bleakness
not afraid of censure
by any faction or school
up down left right
someone unashamed
of his love of Light
and The Golden Rule.

I am by nature a rebellious
conservative, a traditionalist
of the avant-garde. I am proud that
that I have salvaged love
for sunbeams and flowers
shorebirds and butterflies
although I am no more naive
than a police blotter, all-too-familiar
with the heinous forces that govern
the egregious compromise
we call civilization.

Life in the margins suits me –
a hut swept clean by a breeze
off the sea is worth any palace
steeped in pollution and debris.

I live where I can still buy
fresh farm eggs – laid by chickens
pecking at my sandals
throughout this genuine
free-market exchange.

There will be no Edens
on this earth until
the desire is to level
the terrain, dismantle
the pyramids
stone by stone
until society resembles
a sound wave with
tiny troughs and mounds
and not great jagged
dagger peaks – attacks
of unrelenting bombast.




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