To those who would speak some semblance of sanity

        the brainwashed bastards I called them –
                             but that bastards was always mostly affectionate  
               in a macho bodycheck kinda way, 
         you know – Hemingway style –
                        ya buncha lugs

                             for in fact 
                         the brainwashed
                                       are unable to hear 

                      there is no point
                those who do not, cannot dare
                                                                 to listen 

                       forcing the message 
       [that the books aren’t worth squat as history] 
                                is just more of the same 

                      try another, sweeter, more loving tack, maybe

                 and rejoice [yes, RE-joice Baby] in the fact 
                     that they can’t burn you at the stake anymore




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