advice from a resistant old bird

Djeva think about germs — 
stuff you can’t see 
crawling all over everything —
inside your pyjamas — inside you
slithering ’round around the sink 
like invisible worms ? I do. 
Sometimes it makes me feel 
less alone. Actually, more than that — 
it makes me feel strong — see, 
I’ve never exactly been Lady Macbeth 
in the basin department — 
No one ever caught me with the taps 
runnin’ all night and day. 
There’s next to nothing I’d bother
to soap away. I even tell ‘m  stay!
Here ye hear ye: let all creepy 
crawlies on spoons, pillowcases, 
wires up and down the lattice —
prepare now to challenge 
her immune apparatus!
[Joust me harties, Joust.]
Maybe that’s why I’m still alive.
even after the heart attack!
Maybe my unsterilized body 
learned how to fight back

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