You weren’t driving fast
but it is a foggy morning 
and you bumped some bird who swirved on a bycycle 
Not having a cell phone to call an ambulance 
         you should first 
a) reprimand yourself for not having your brights on 
b) say a silent prayer of repentance and hope Jesus will forgive you
c) get your agenda out of the glove compartment 
       and make a date to see that friendly mechanic about those brakes –
       you know, the guy who once offerred you a can of Heineken
       during a power outage
d) rush out of your car to see about that woman who might still be breathing
e) leave the car and head on foot back down the road 
        where you think you just passed a farm house  
Right words in the right order constitutes
a) a plea for help 
b) a peppermint lifesaver
c) a poem




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