The Imprisoned (yikes!)

It’s sorta like a western mafia movie or possibly european costume drama – or frankly operatic – anyway, there’s this handsome young guy behind bars – it’s a complicated two-timing plot, but this is the movies, right? – so it’s alright to suddenly gaze through the bars and spout sonnets:
O moon, wise moon, my ally or my foe
Sail not so fast across the sky this night
For by the dawn tomorrow I must know
The answers to a riddle – black on white.
Tomorrow, sweet tomorrow, halt your pace
Or sorrow fills for sure my mother’s heart,
For if I fail, my life they will erase,
No time have I these devils to outsmart.
Oh silver orb of heaven, hear my plea
And light for me the way to some wise sage.
Love for adventure burned so deep in me
I fear that horrid death must be it’s wage.
           Oh why must men be treacherous and cruel
           And why am I the one to play a fool

(hybrid poetry…is a prose text followed by some formal poetry, as in the Japanese art of haibun, where a prose text is followed with a haiku. As far as I know it is something I invented 🙂



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