fear of death is a habit acquired in childhood, says aunt molly

The atoms that once did strut
as some great hulking roebuck
or a cute little lady duck
an onion, a tree – who knows what –
morphed some time ago
into what you call me –
matter, you see
will undergo this

[What dies when the bucket is kicked
is ego – a persistent, destructive illusion
birthed in cognitive confusion…]

Belief, sweet babes, is not knowledge
and there is no plausible reason
to imagine any part of aunt molly
will survive once she’s seen her last season
taken her last breath – and death –
if understood – would seem less “sad” I know
if god-awful religion hadn’t made it so.



Make the most of this life…as there is every chance it’s all you’ll ever get.  Death isn’t the problem of life. The problem of life…is suffering. And not just human suffering. I will stop there…or I will morph into goody two shoes right before your eyes!


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