new paradigms for old, new paradigms for old…

Once upon a time in The West
one among them, disgusted
with half-lives woven in and out
since Pluto – or was it Plato?
and shred repeatedly
in sheer stupidity
past the carts –
or was it Descartes ?
Once upon a time – ahem –
in an effort to prove man’s
singular superiority to all the
unquestioned immortal demons
of his own creation  (bunch a
metaphors with diplomatic immunity)
the guy drags the blade
across his own jugular
and leaks into darkest oblivion
sorta finito ergo sum
hoping someone noted that
this is the one thing this god
that semite tribe fashioned and defined
can not indulge in –
& so much for omnipotence .
Meanwhile down on the bamboo farm
Do I exist, master ? 
A slap in the face the singular answer.
Apparently, yes.
But now it’s time for lunch, I guess.
Hey, doesn’t anybody care
about anything besides his own sorry ass ?
I mean, what’s left of the world
is in a terrible mess.

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