[I rather doubt I’ll get this right]

I rather doubt I’ll get this right
I mean, so far I’ve only thought about it
for a half a century but here goes:
it isn’t just blood ties – family or tribe is easy
almost built-in, like whether you can curl
your tongue or the color of your eyes…

nor is it simply loves or lovers, one-on-ones
mates and such – that, too, strikes me
[begging your pardon] as run-of-the-mill
something we would only notice if it were absent.
an assumed connection, a predictable response…

but I’ve just watched 72 hours almost non-stop
of old episodes of New Tricks because the show
hangs on a structure that may be
the most powerful secret I know…
which is to say the drive to belong to a team.

Love and passion, blood and kin are very much alive
[indeed I doubt they can ever die] while non-partison
non-ethnic, non-you-name-it bonds
have all but disappeared, despite the fact we rush
to pay lip-service to what we call brotherhood.
Or patriotism. Or fellowship.

If I look back over the films and novels
that have touched me the most…
I find at the heart of all of them one beautiful
English word, and that word is BELONG.

I belong with them – we belong together
and it is so wonderful to feel that you are
where you belong…when that is where
you have chosen to be with others
who mrror that choice and make of you
a better person.






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