I recognize no divinities but Light
and The Great Earth that bore me –
They are father and mother, if you like
[I mean if your peabrain runs to anthropomorphism]

and should I meet in some great by and by
a jealous bastard who lives in the sky
I’ll give him what for – then spit in his eye!
[This I do so solemnly promise]

and while we’re at it, I want the word
propitiation struck from the language –
turning away wrath with offerings
[…of a creature’s body burning like as not…]
if that’s your soteriology well, it’s not so hot
and how the fuck would that put a creator
in a good mood anyway?

What kind of Father’s heart is softened by the sight
of his son being tortured and cruelly murdered ?
If the afterlife is run by the mafia I’ll give it a pass.

People who buy into this shit are scared shitless of death
or have less common sense than witless sheep.

Some vengeful, wrathful, mysogynous homophobic creep
won’t ever get my vote for CEO of the universe

and beyond proping up short legs on sofas
some fat old tomes are of little use in the real world…
no matter what language they are scribbled in.

Save me from all hoary drivel.





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