The Nunc Dimittis Acid Trip

               Jesus accomplished
               what he accomplished
               for himself and for The Self.
               Jesus accomplished this  
               in the presence of The Presence
               and in perfect view of man.

               He did not die for me
               He did not die for you
               His death is not some passkey.
               His death is not a guarantee
               of anything.

               To reach The Ground of Being –
               the Jesus that surrounds you
               the holy in every mouthful,
               every sacred breathful, replete, 
               even in a pancake house, even
               in jail or in the woods or on
               the corner of Heartattack and Vine –
               one must do as Jesus did, namely
               root out, ceaselessly
               root out the negative passions

               Make a hollow in the heart
               as a fist might make in sand
               and there on this makeshift altar
               sacrifice the greed of ego
               the shallow dirty secret motives
               until all that remains
               is the selfless Self,
               that which is quite literally

               To be a follower of Jesus
                is to begin, to try

               To be truly a Christian
               is to succeed

               All my life I have longed
               to meet one


I wrote this after reading:





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