Heavens to Murgatroyd!

goodness goodness goodness
kindness sweetness
empathy! empathy! empathy! empathy!
these and like goodies do exist.

more than utilitarian mutual back-scratching
studies show genuine unpremeditated altruism
actually exists as well – even in the animal kingdom
[though not in gastropods…gotta get up to mammals]
yes, friends [and potential friends]

there’s all kinds of heart-warming stuff out there

but while we have picked up undeniable traces
of microwave background radiation of the cosmic kind
I regret to inform not so much as a planck constant
of gods or godesses.

now I am not suggesting any auto-da-fé here
no book burnings or anything
but you might want to wrap up all that
scriptural horseshit in an old scarf
and put it in a shoebox under the bed
with those blue and green woven laniards
and photos of you at Kiwackie Summer Camp



serious studies indicate altruism is manifested by children less than two years old.  Now don’t tell me that is the influence of religion! I would suggest that education, rather than enhancing moral values……………tends to weaken them.





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