[…and my heart went BOOM, when she crossed that room…]

Hey, I don’t know about you, but my heart never goes BOOM
At least not in english.

Maybe in french it has gone boum – but always lowercased.

Boom is the sound of cannons off the starbord bow, sir.

Boom is a wide-angle sound, not a close-up.
It’s a sound any old body can hear.
Nobody but me can hear what my heart goes –
Lest, perchance, I be pregant with celestial fire
(uh-oh, there’s that defining line of Milton again)

And what my heart goes, here inside me,
(which is about as close-up as you can get, right?)
What my heart goes is thwump. Five consonants.

It doesn’t skip a beat either, my happy heart,
It hits one hard, like tympany in Beethoven
(always accoustic, the heart, never electric, so no reverb.)

But I suppose it’s hard to do rhyme with thwump
Or is it ?

Guess I’ll hafta get back to you on that one.




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