down to where the bins await  

                                   with their black gullet’s open

Steep enough

                                       for me to feel it in the thigh

Fourteen down
                               and fourteen back is twenty-eight.

Sometimes I count them      28 plus 28 is 56

My neighbour
           sees me often
                    with a can or two…

and then a second time I pass her by

she is surprised
                     to see me

with two more cans
                      and a bottle
                               and a box

This has happened
                     more than twice – and

             one day she just can’t resist

Why don’t you put them in a bag and take the lot ?

         should i
               do that ?

                It would save you time

And what would I do with that ?
           You could join a sports club. You like sports .

You mean I could take a bus,
                                      rent a locker
                           and schedule
        what I am doing now
                       when I feel like it
                                                        for free…




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