Betrayal (please read added note)

comes like a thing with claws, claims the body
as plainly as death, save that it leaves
a bit of breath so you can witness the undoing
the unscrewing of the senses as it yanks the parts
apart, slowly freezes hands and feet, makes it difficult
to even eat – to chew, to swallow – though you feel hollow
through to your bones, impossible to stand even the smell
of food or tolerate the weight of your own [or anybody’s]
mood, strips reason of its reason and never mind the season
it is always winter, though spring be in its prime
and nothing – NOTHING – cures the loss of trust in love –
not even time.


(a draft of this first appeared awhile back on a site with an alluring title and lots of hype about cash prizes. I have tried for more than a year to have them take it down as – legally – the copyright has reverted to me. I own what bears my name – as do you own what bears yours. I believe that sites like Poetry Nation hold on to every last scrap of submission to claim high readership and thus justify high prices to advertise on their site or sell their bogus writing courses. BE WARNED: Post nowhere that ignores you. I have been told by more than one person that Hello Poetry also ignores appleals to relinquish hold on your writing as well…although I cannot figure out why…beyond sheer orneryness. If you pass this way, please pass on these observations to anyone you know who writes poetry. Bad enough to not get paid as a writer…to have others deny your copyrights is outrageous.)


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