Disjointed Lament for a Plethora of Mindless Scribblings

you cannot
   fix the hinges
on a pillbox
        with a jackhammer
nor can you
              dispel a creepy cloud
of pointlessness
 by pissing
    in the third floor
       water cooler

you can joke
hang tough
but face it: a word to the wise
  is no longer sufficient
           was it ever?

perhaps there have never
    been enough [words]

elsewise  I’m beginning
                      to doubt
       wisdom can be passed  
  where the seeds have been
so superficially sown –
     the ability to listen
             virtually unknown

Once upon a time
discrimination implied
        [before the pc
                  poisoned the fountains]

can mere words resurrect
     what unholy writ
         has decimated?

Ah, The Welshman was right –
  we celebrate
              are also
     to be spurned

and so was Boswell [right]
        or whoever it was
    when he said
no one but a blockhead
ever writes except for money


(…actually it was Johnson. I was just being coy)



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