Take “The Humanities” with more than a grain of salt


Reading history at Oxbridge?
A primer in mythology
if you ask me. . .

Did you know
was a slum landlord?

These “stories” taught
as if they recounted
something other than
rigorously selected
details of the passing scene
prop up the status quo
if you know what I mean –

One percent of humanity –
the haves, the oligarchs
the feudal lords, clergy
and assorted élites
have always been keen
to propagate serviceable myth
wreathed in the laurels
of academia – so that no more
than a thin shard of justice
or equity might trickle down
to the thirsting pleb
one generation to the next.
Be on guard to verify
the truth of any text
believe not one jot
of academic holy writ –
what isn’t propaganda
might just be plain old shit






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