They speak of a Living god

they speak of a Living god
               [an Almighty Creator]
then turn and worship
   dead letters –
        a moth-eaten book
  a   hopelessly   patchworked   tome  
while anywhere you’d care to look
   life bubbles and spews its incredible majesty

       On-going saga – pure creativity
this at least resembles divintiy

If you must believe
  in a something you cannot define or see
       and you claim that the same is Living
believe that it speaks
                        in tree whispers and kitten purrs
          feathers and leaves and wondrous furs
not some half-assed account
                      of a flat earth under a blue metal dome
      [wow: a celestial colander!]
           with holes to explain stars
and talking snakes
     and unseaworthy boats
           and hospitable whales
                and parthenogenesis
                    and rampant genocide
                          and tyrannical deities
                                that hate both women AND
                                        men who prefer men!
       [Is is possible your god is queer?]

If you insist on believing
   at least believe in something
      believable that’s half-worthy of belief.




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