somewhere northwest of nowhere

    in white satin…?  
        more jaundiced ivory and urgency 
             if ya ask me 
sawdust floors 
      saloon doors 
         and a postage stamp tv
                  tauting color in the farthest corner  
                       |right next to the john
                               where it belongs]
and those gummiest of jukebox songs
               designed to stretch to limp
                         whatever strings ya got
     and rot half yer mind –
           booze making quick work
                of what remains
                           ’til drunk is blind
                                 and it’s all gone 
                        mustard and ketchup stains on 
             no point listing where –
                      [at least sponge off the chair] 
                and if ya don’t get the picture, Henry
         then frankly, I don’t care!  




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