Rewind [i]

Something about us
was like. . .
the universe itself –
compact, dense, intense
containing everything
close knit
ever-expanding –
like some galaxy –
a self-contained unity

Yet here I am now
somewhere in The Low Countries
He died in Massachussetts
She wound up in Queens…
     wound up as in winding down
after this galaxy-nucleus
had spun out from a Bronx Big Bang

Even she first landed
as far away as the boardwalk
in Atlantic City

So weird, yet no metaphor at all
We sprang loose from each other.
Once coiled so dense
we could not even see one another

Now they live – theoretically –
solely in my mind
just behind my eyes
between my ears

But like a coddled egg
I delight knowing
they are still visible –
her, in the way I bite my lip
when I concentrate on something,
or knuckle the side of my nose
when I’m having a hard time,
him when I charm the pants off
perfect strangers and laugh
with an unpracticed skill

They are with me still
we are inseperable
although I do know
the smashing of atoms
is commonplace
these days


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