I woke up in 1912

…off my meds
and nothing had happened yet
not here in state pen
not anywhere…

no extranumeraries
to all but their immediate family
had been gassed
while playing bloody mindless games
near that long gash in the earth
where silently flows
the Somme

none yet infected with
the virus of lethal greed
had signed away the collective wealth
of the working class –
the well-meaning but under-educated types
Henry Ford would repeatedly hire
to build engines for war toys
to facilitate the straifing of the brothers
sons and fathers
of those same employees.

[There is a bush I would like to see burning –
the one that did deals with Hitler,
the grandfather of the H’s and W’s
you’re more familiar with]

The puppet government
treats you as employees –
without benefits –
as macho pigs
treat women…
and you go on believing
the enemy is somewhere
beyond your borders,
fools reading the wrong book

I woke up in 1912
and believe it or not
The US treasury still
belonged to the US

I don’t know if the world is
too much with us late and soon
but I do know it’s not what it seems
with or without medication
some listen to fake pirate radios
and think get they real news…
but the gate-keepers are everywhere
even if they don’t always wear white coats

and they think I’m crazy.



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