words to be howled in your neighbourhood wilderness

I have seen
the ayatollahs
[fat beneath their shrouds
hypocritical as any pope]
gnawing on the bones
of dead westerners –
suicides every one –
their empire snuffed out
under goods no one could dream
of dying for – what? A few
deluded ersatz christians
so busy being busybodies
they forgot what the hell
compassion meant – that
it meant – inescapably –
care for the poor ? That
that was the thing – the
community – the communion –
their deluded prince
[and suspened cultural icon]
held closest. Wasn’t it?

Puffed up in endless
scriptural citations, busy
as maggots, they denied science –
[real science, undesigned
yet ever-challenging] and
lost their way in the entrails
of the worm-eaten rickety dogma.

Who trades the essential doctrine
of unimpeachable non-violence
for a government that drones
unrepentant, will be repaid in a
destruction that will make
Armageddon seem a skirmish.

Nobody dies for a new car
or an Ipad.  Your world
survives as a body or your body
is a rented costume. So much for
the body of christ. Time to
say farewell to fake christendom
in the next commerical break, wave
bye-bye to your pseudo-democracies
and mindless gluttony. The end
isn’t upon us all, no,  but it is certainly
on that civilization.


[bit of a bow to ginsberg]




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