Parable of the Angel’s Kiss

The sky is blue – but not to the bee
and who can say what it means to see?
hate is madness – but then, so is love
a kind of equanimity floats just above
– and it’s free
emotions are blinding and face it, we’re hooked –
we kick the habit or our goose is cooked
and ‘though thousands say – that’s just not true
it won’t change the sky from orange to blue
– for the bee
See, I am not wrong though you’re sure you’re right
[cerebral hemiplegia is an unseen blight]
to argue  who is right or wrong’s decidedly moronic
since one guy’s gin is another fella’s tonic
– or maybe tea
nobody is all right and nobody is all wrong
see our way clear to this, and we all might get along
the thing to understand about The Truth is just this
it’s true – but non-transferable… like an angel’s kiss
– and that’s the key

I hope this is not construed as a call to give up. It isn’t. It’s a plea for deepest  UNDERSTANDING




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