On the heels of a sorrow

…I fled to the nearest wood
seeking less solace
than simple solitude.
Deep through sherwood greens
I wandered – though I found myself
not alone by any stretch or means
for all of heaven and hell
were with me – underground [I knew]
roots of majesties spliced
hapless worms in half,
and in the branches
great doves with one another
behaved like bloated chiefs-of-staff
[which is to say very badly indeed]
and crickets voiced
their unerring disdain
for all who remain mute
in the presence Weed Divine
whether spindly fern
or choking vine

And in the slithery stream
I saw a trout – or some such
lithesome fish – who leapt about
and caught a fly while
like angel twins, spun about me
two white butterflies…

Can anyone ever
think themselves
alone with all
these goings-on,
I thought, catching sight
of a snoozing owl who woke
swivelled ’round
his feathered head
and with his plum-sized eyes
bore into me and said
Join the ever-coming world
my friend, waste not
one minute pondering
that which is already dead!



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