Reflections on last year’s elections


Pharoahs, kings, monarchs
always oppressed and enslaved;
it is their stock in trade;
ever since man began
to sow grain, this refrain
has been played.

That admirable roman senator
with his plums, his toga
and his proto-Hollywood
scenarios of history
was silent slum-landlord
to the pleb.
The Lords of Europe
held serfs in bondage,
hanged any who took a twig
from the woods they claimed
as private property
As my grandpa used to say a baron
is one step higher than a horse thief.

Princes of The Church
behaved no better, indeed worse
since they made pretense
of empathy and altruism.
Where some slight flint of progress
was made, bourgeois guildmasters
were indeed still masters of journeymen.

Wherever there is the pyramid of heirarchy
there is bound to be corruption.
The plutocrat exploiting growing numbers
of disenfranchised seems a new millenial version
of that timeless refrain…Sweet Jesus,
the poor are indeed still with us
for they have no leisure to observe
that the corporate fascist’s growing wealth
is the syphoning by which
the increasing poverty of the already bereft
is aggravated. This theft is carried out
surreptiously – or in the name of honour
or bravery, or blessèd virtues nowhere found.

Elections are illusions of choice
played out like circuses –
periodic programmed distractions.
Religions too have held out
hollow promise to the uneducated,
the downtrodden. They are indeed
soporifics – legal opiate – snake oil
sold to the credulous and fearful.

There has never been real democracy
on god’s green earth.
Power has never been voluntarily ceded –
neither to women, nor taxpayers,
neither labourers, nor brown peoples.
Whether held by force
or by persuasive deception
the enslaver ever retained his power.

It is now the time –
it cannot wait, people –
for power to be… not taken, simply realized.




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