Perusing self-proclaimed poetry sites

…something I ate, no doubt
or am I just feeling left out?

born dull
[or time-dulled]
reading space only
between the lines
never wondering
if there might be more

understanding cake recipes
grade 10 math

you’ll not slip me
‘neath the glued flat triangle
to flip the flap and reveal
whatever ache and tangle
violent egos feel bound
to transcribe
I am just plain blunt.
Obtuse? Yeah, what’s the use
of denying: that I am.

so I confess
and give and take
and more or less
I have no intention
of rearranging
a single synapse
before I collapse.
I’ll just kick the bucket
believing the hyper-abstruse
is for pansies –
wispy-haired dandies
or pimply nerds
or pampered birds
with too much time
on their manicured hands.



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