it is a pure and demonstrable fact that we are all stardust…by extension more than merely related to one another. Anything employed to distort this reality is an impediment to human happiness.

Men versus women –
or have we been deceived ?
Gays and straights perhaps ?
or less than we’ve believed.

Blacks and whites despite so-called emancipation?
Or are the tensions symptoms of covert manipulation ?

Hindus versus Moslems then –
Christians? Jews? or…try again!

I have seen a rich saudi moslem man
sit with a rich lesbian jewess
and the great divide
one was entitled to expect
was hardly worth a whisper.

Differences are perennially
exacerbated – most intentionally –
by those with the most to gain
by the economic status quo.

Think twice before you rise to the bait
before falling into the twofold trap of hate.
And remember that the rich invest heavily
to render the world dysfunctional.




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