[I want some food]


I want some food
I cannot identify –
I would not even mind
discovering there was none
in the pantry
if only I could say
with certainty
what it is for
this hunger…
this unnamed
perhaps unnamable

is this – as I suspect –
a common sensation…

an everyday ordinary

and no, dear deluded self-appointed christians
[moslems, jews, satanists,
lunatics of every stripe]

I do not hunger for a savior
[except maybe Jill Stein]
long for a goddess
[except maybe Ella Fitzgerald]

stuff your genocidal, homophobic misogynist
invisible skywalkers…

and just see to it I receive a bag
of Wise potato chips…

when I get the anonymous munchies
those’ll usually tide me over ’til lunch.




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