M-Theory (maybe)

I saw her, I swear.
I’m afraid to say where.
[I’ll go with a chink in the wall –
they’ll lock me up for keeps –
but I did see her.]

She combs her hair more
than I ever did – would never
cut it whacky and wind up
looking like straw man;
no, she even had it kind of
permed – like Betty White.
[To think the other me is
so Queen of Corn in the
dental department]

and she wears navy ensembles
with fresh flowers on the lapel
almost every day [this me –
the one I’ve been living in
all these years –  has only ever
done that twice – far as I recall]
And he was tall and broad-shouldered
[here I thought I only liked skinny guys,
lean and hungry poet types]
but he kind of reminded me
[in a brown-suited way]
of Tom Hanks

and he really loved her. Me.
I saw them together even.
Do you believe that?
In a kind of big bankish lobby –
lots of dark marble and brass…

He’d found her a job there
[but that’s another story;
later maybe]

the best part was
they entered the lobby
one from the north
one from the west
and he broke away from his
gaggle of guys with folders
and like a magnet – just
as she drew into range –
he circled her waist
tugged her close
and planted one loudly
on her cheek
which went as pink as his shirt.

It was to die,
my other life.

And to think there might
be nine others…wow

M-theory posits 11 planes; I’ve had a glimpse of one besides this one…so that leaves 9 to wonder about…and I hope Betty White doesn’t mind



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