It would sound
Like the old testament
If I attempted to recount
The generations of the jewel
And how it came to Anna –
Because it was always Anna’s
Even though she never wore it
Before the night of her engagement
And she wore it on that finger.

She had slipped it in his pocket
So that Stewart could give it back to her.
It was their secret, they believed,
Although everybody knew.
And it comforts me to imagine
Even if untrue, that there was a time
When folks were kind enough
To not make public what was private
And spoil the joy of a young girl.

By rights it comes to Jennie
As she is now the eldest
But I have it in safekeeping
Because my sister is not well.
In a box beneath my pillow
Safer surely than a vault
For a light under a bushel
Would be a diamond
With a fault.


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