Tell ya why I love Montana –
see, Montana’s a guy can wear a hat
and not look like some jerk
trying to look like some movie star

Montana’s where there’s enough
level ground between the mountains
to keep ‘em always kinda invitin’
no menacing mountains in Montana, no sir

Montana is a pale wood saloon-door bar
where the tv’s just a movin’ colored stamp in a corner
and the guys, well, they have a hard time decidin’
if they wanna shoot pool or read poetry

Not too many women in Montana
and anyway the guys are really
pretty much in love with their suvs –
some even with their dad’s pick-up truck

What womenfolk there are in Montana
well, they’re mostly editors or
librarians cause somebody gotta
look after all that poetry, right ?

And when they’re not typin’
or teachin’ grown men how to
use punctuation
or puttin’ books back on shelves
them Montana women all know
how to bake a mean cherry pie

I ain’t never been to Montana
but I sure would like to go there someday
‘cause ya know, I really do love
the great state of Montana


Always knew you’d come through, Montana…for Beautiful Bernie


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