E is for…(written in 2013)

woke up                 this morning

dis                                jointed
no                    not trying to be funny today
been sundered
reading             about all that drought
when here i got          all   this   thunder
and  rain                 and my pain
is real enough                to call it real

read a thing the other day
lady sayin’ we should think like her
wasn’t crazy about it
mainly since she didn’t go far enough
in either direction – she was just yelpin’
(ain’t quite got to the howlin’ stage yet)
i think she still hasn’t seen that to think
like someone else you hafta be able
to feel like them first –
to know what it’s like – a bed
with no sheets, no blankets
(may as well live in a coffin)
least that’s how i feel –  that one percent ?
they don’t think like you, lady
and they won’t – ever – ‘cause to some degree
like you, they only know their own lives
and it really is worse than you think
much worse – they were often taught not to feel
and they teach their kids the same
(you think i’m kidding? i know these people)
and i truly pity this gold-plated armada
of hopeless jerks on their yachts
anyone thinks he can eat while another starves
is a very sick being – in critical condition even
he’s missing the one life he’s likely to get
and me i’m feeling like one of them wax dolls
you stick pins in – or some seemstress’s sand tangerine

nope, that one percent doesn’t think about you
because they don’t feel they need to
they dont feel period. E is for empathy
they sold empathy – sold at a loss in fact
when they saw stocks in empathy were failing
they actually spend their days wrapped
in calculations about such things – warped in the head
only give credit cards where credit cards are due

and if i feel for the people without rain
it may be because                i also feel
for the squirrels next door
who just lost their park to a parking lot

me i’m like that song Porgy sings
oh i got plenty a nothing ?
  i got the sun i got the moon
got the deep blue sea

and there was another one
  I got the sun every morning
and the moon every ev’nin’
and i’m alright

but i’m not alright and never can be now
’cause the world is seriously falling
off the deep end.



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