old saw

I would like
to get my knotty parchment knuckles
around the neck
of the lauded jerk who first impaled Peace
skewered Wisdom and undercut Understanding
proclaiming silence invariably golden.
Yes, I would like to wring and wring
until the doorbell rings!
Silence is metallic allright – tempered steel
and stainless – irreproachable, deadly
as the samouri who would slice you in two
with impunity quick as a turnip.
Words are a bitch, for sure – lie
as easy as tell the truth –
but they are yards [make that miles.. light years]
ahead of dumbshow, the lazy sidestep
the chicken-hearted shrug.
Now I’m game to push a pause button
quick as the next guy – BUT
nine times out of ten
silence is simply a coward’s escape.

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