The world as we WILL it.

I never saw the movie Phenomenonn (1996) but, one year ago to the day, I was  listening to the suite of Thomas Newman’s score  for the film and this is what I wrote.

More heartstrong than headstrong
my countrymen – bewildered and forlorn –
a peoples so easy to dupe, they were
en masse, by that pathetic have-it-all class
that deranged and glutted percent
who never learned what empathy meant
obsessed with preposterous profit margins
as if more gold might absolve their sins
business fanatics, money-addicts
obscene and pitiable, using the idea
of divinity to advance their obscenity…

Hey, I’ve loved america since I was a kid
the way you love a mother – always
seeing her as the most beautiful
and I know as well as I know my name
she has lost her way
lost sight of her destiny
which isn’t to take the world by force
but to lead it by example
I know in my gut
that The American People
are – by and large – not naturally prone
to the use of any stealth drone
they have more heart than that
being full-fledged members of the human race…
and what has happened to the earth itself
due to the dirty dealings of their elected officials
is nothing less than an unparalleled disgrace –
what has been done for decades
in our name should cause us remorse
and a sense of shame
we have spoliated and spoiled
and we’ll do likewise in space!

I wish I had more shawnee-cherokee blood
but I’ve got enough to sense
that another land could have been –
a cleaner, finer place
filled with a non-denominational grace…
those prairies are as empowering
as granny’s embrace
those mountains and rivers
and coastlines… their beauty
truly gives me the shivers

There never was a virgin land
or a country with perfect manners
but we once did have spunk
and horsesense –
is there then no way
for We The People
to leave a finer trace?
can’t we will a better world ?





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