Pipe Dreams

Janice the judge
is a devourer of delinquencies
I sit in thinkment [with the elders]
and say no pipe should be illegal
but judge janice bannister’s
a fink and a stinker
and the boy is sent away
‘cause someone has to pay for this…
this what ? No, I mean
what the fuck is this shit
and when he’s out will
he have no choice but to fight
and die and come home
to the elders in pieces in a bag ?
No choice left open to him
but to give his precious blood
to make the world safe
for Goldman Sachs ?
Is no one ever gonna
wake up?


.-  –  –  –

A. I wrote this before 9mil+ did wake up!.

B. my sincere apologies to anyone whose name is J. Bannister…you are probably very nice and wouldn’t hurt a fly.


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